21 How to Design Sofa in Family Room

Your living room is an extension of you, and this should be conveyed in your choices. Unlike your bedroom furniture, your living room furniture gives you more leeway to be creative and design ‘out-of-the-box’. Once you decide to redecorate your family room the next step is to pick out furniture. Although choosing the right furnishings may seem overwhelming, there are businesses out there that do nothing but room and furniture design. I personally know a store that has a section of their store as well as a section on their website that is dedicated solely to this important space in our home.

If you are design minded, and know how you want your family room to feel and look, then a store will provide you with each unique piece that you are looking for. If on the other hand, you are someone that cringes at the thought of putting together a room, plenty stores can also provide you with complete room sets. Whether you are searching for a specific item or if you are looking for a complete room set, a good salesperson will make sure you find the right living room furniture and the right feel that you desire. Before getting started on your creating your new masterpiece, here are some ideas and decorating tips that may prove helpful to your overall design.

The Four ‘F’ Factors of fabulous furniture:

1) Functionality: Design this special room to be a place where you would want to ‘live.’ Stuffing it to the point that is so expensive you would never want to use it will not make you happy. Use living room furniture that you feel comfortable being surrounded with.

2) Focal point: Create a focus within your living room furniture. Having a focus point will help you in two ways. Most importantly, a focal point will make it easier to design the rest of your living room furniture. Secondly, a focal point will help to map out the layout for the rest of the ensemble that you will eventually have.

3) Funky: Have at least one piece that excites you. This could be something as small as a footstool or something as big as a couch. The benefit of finding one piece that jumps out at you will help to ensure that your living room won’t wear on you, or become dull too quickly. If you are someone who gets bored easily, I advise choosing a few of these funky furniture pieces.

4) Fun: Decorating is fun and having fun with your family room elements is just as crucial to creating a great space as the pieces you choose are.