21+ Best Home Coffee Bar Ideas for All Coffee Lovers

For coffee lovers nothing can quite match the aroma of freshly brewed coffee. This singular scent is the reason many people make it out of bed each morning and if you truly love your caffeine then consider purchasing a coffee grinder for your home so you can enjoy great tasting gourmet java anytime.

Honestly, the pre-ground blends you find in stores are OK but once you’ve had fresh ground beans you’ll never want anything else. Being able to grind your own choice of select flavored beans in a home grinder is a luxury everyone can afford with high quality and affordable grinders for the home.

Most kitchens will have a coffee maker or espresso machine to brew up hot drinks but how often do you see a coffee grinder? People who own grinders take their joe seriously and you’ll know when you taste their blend that it is the finely ground beans that makes all the difference. Having coffee from a tin can or pre-ground “specialty” blend never quite measures up to freshly ground coffee and if you have a coffee grinder in your home you can select whole beans from your favorite coffee shop and have it ground up in minutes to satisfy your coffee fix.

You can find a variety of high quality coffee grinders for home use by top brand name manufacturers including Ascaso, Compak, Isomac and Mazzer that feature stainless steel and polished aluminum casings, adjustable grinding settings, easy to clean accessories and components and built-in hoppers to store extra coffee beans. These machines are designed for home use and are lightweight so you won’t have any trouble moving the grinder around a kitchen counter or coffee bar top.

If espresso is you preferred choice of coffee drink you can also find high quality coffee grinders that also feature espresso grinding components for those who enjoy a more strong and robust coffee shot. With easy-to-use grinding adjustments you can easily grind up Turkish coffee or French Press blends that will adhere to your specific tastes and come out perfect every time